Privacy policy

This site collects and stores information that identify particular End Users. When an End User initiates an activity on this site which requires additional information, the site will request such information from the End User; the information requested may include the Business Name or Full Name, Street Address, E-mail Address, Phone Number and VAT ID of the End User. In case the End User doesn't provide the necessary information, they will not be allowed to complete the activity in question.


The site will never share information on its End Users with third parties or use them for any purpose other than the fulfillment of business requirements of this site and the satisfying of general legal requirements of doing business.


Since the Internet is an open medium it can never be considered 100% safe. This site will employ commercially reasonable measures to protect business and End User information, but can not be held accountable for the potential actions committed by third parties that may come into possession of the information.


This Privacy Policy can be modified at any time; any modifications take effect immediately upon publication on this page. Continuation of use of the services provided by this site constitutes acceptance of the new Privacy Policy by the End User.