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File Watcher

This application monitors for changes inside defined folders and runs defined programs/scripts (with arguments) when a change occurs. The service supports buffering for quick multiple change events per file and is able to ignore them for defined period of time and run the script/program only once if needed. You can monitor multiple folders at a time and define different actions per folder and per action.


This application sends an email when you visit a certain URL and includes all the GET and POST data inside the email body.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - ColoredView

ColoredView enables you to change the background color of rows in a view with conditions defined by the administrator.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - CRMAssignNotification

This solution logs every time a record is assigned to a user. This plugin comes with a windows service that generates email reports of assigned records and sends it to users in intervals. Solution is configurable with an XML file.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - CRMCompareUsersWithAD

Compare your Active Directory (AD) with Microsoft Dynamics CRM users and get the difference report on your email. The compare can be started manually by running a workflow.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - CRMDefaultPriceList

Set a default Price list when creating a new offer or invoice.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - CRMDocumentMerge

During record merging Dynamics CRM doesn't move the SharePoint files in the appropriate folders, it just merges document locations. Our solution will move the SharePoint files in the appropriate folders and delete the unneseceary document location (which is empty).

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - CRMSendEmailNotifications

CRM Send Email Notifications is a windows service that sends email messages based on rules the user sets.