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Microsoft Dynamics CRM - CRMSystemUserIsEnabled

In Dynamics CRM the "SystemUser" entity doesn't have a field that has the information whether a user is enabled or disabled. This solution adds a "IsEnabled" field that is of bool type that will hold the information. You can add the field to a view. The solution come with a plugin that will update the field every time a user record is created or updated.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - SPBlogSiteGallery

Sharepoint Blog site image gallery. Images of each post are displayed as a slideshow.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - SPCustomWorkflowActions

A set of custom actions for SharePoint workflow which further extends the workflow capabilities, (you can send plain text emails while customizing From, Reply To and BCC fields, send meeting request, or set item level permission through your workflow).

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - SPDisplayRecentChanges

Display Recent Changes is a SharePoint hosted application created so you could easily view the list of recently modified documents.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - SPDisplaySiteCollectionChanges

List of recent document changes within the entire site collection. It is configurable just like any Sharepoint List, through the custom views. Sorting, filtering and other things are supported.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - SPDisplaySiteUsers

List of AD users who belong to a particular group in Sharepoint site. Supports printing permission levels for each person.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - SPGoogleAnalytics

Google Analytics for SharePoint with the possibility of excluding certain users from statistics.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - SPProjectStatus

Solution koji prati napredak svih trenutnih projekata te ih prikazuje kroz progresne trake