Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint

Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - SPUserFeedback

Solution that allows collecting feedback from SharePoint users.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - SPUserInfo

Web Part that lists the current user's details.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - SPUserRedirect

Web Part that allows you to redirect individual SharePoint groups on a given site (internal / public part).

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - SPWorldClock

SharePoint solution which displays clock times for the given cities on the Sharepoint 2010 top bar.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 - SPDisplayServerName

Solution which shows the Netbios server name on Sharepoint 2013 topbar or through the web part.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 - SPWOLRinging

Solution which enables Wake on LAN via SharePoint

SharePoint 2010 - SPDisplaySiteCollectionChanges

Popis promjena nad dokumentima unutar cijelog site collectiona. Podržava konfiguriranje jednako kao bilo koja SharePoint lista, putem viewova